Happy 1st of May, everyone! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Just when I thought I miss being spontaneous, going out, just doing things without planning it before, that’s all I’ve been doing after that. Well, almost. I’ve had late nights with friends, I’ve been eating out a lot, I’ve been sleeping too little, still, I’ve been working a lot, reading and watching movies until morning, doing new things and just feeling busy. Now it really feels like a Sunday evening after a weekend full of fun and work.

But why stressing about it? Sometimes I sleep too little, and that’s it. Sometimes, I’m working a lot at weird hours, eating ice-cream for breakfast, because I’m too lazy to cook. So what? Why do I even think that everything always has to be so perfectly put together?

Often people would come to me with a long story about something that is frustrating them and distracting them from achieving what they want. Why the hell stressing about things you can’t control in the first place? Everything that’s meant to be will happen. In fact, as stupid as it sounds, the only certainty we have in life is death. This is the only guarantee. We know for sure that one day we will die. But that’s it people. Nothing else is certain.

I myself have been working on going with the flow a little more and getting rid of my old habit of over-planning. The experience I made is that when you trust that things will work out, things often turn out much better than you could have ever planned. Besides that, would I really enjoy life when everything was organized and every minute was planned? Definitely not.

Wish you a nice and spontaneous week, do what makes you happy! :)


outfit3_3 Kopie

outfit3_4 Kopie



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Inner workings of my mind


First of all I’m sorry for being so inactive the last couple of weeks, but a lot has been going on. You know that feeling when something bad happens and you just need time for yourself first, yea, I’m sure you do. However, it was always easier for me to write my thoughts and feelings down, rather than talking about them, usually I do this on a piece of paper, but then I thought why not sharing it here. I was thinking a lot about if I should post this on my blog or not, since it’s usually always just about my outfits, fashion and beauty… but why keep it on the surface? Nowadays it’s all about showing everyone how perfect your life is, but nothing is as perfect as it seems like on all these flawless Instagram pictures. Why hide what’s going on inside of you? All that little imperfections aren’t the end of the world, in fact, they are what make all of us human.

Yesterday I was sitting in the bus. You can say a lot about a person from the way they ride a bus. The way they look out of the window without really seeing anything at all.  On my way home from work yesterday, I sat staring out of the window, listening to a whole SIA album (god how much I love her work) on repeat, and then I would close my eyes and go to that place in my mind where I can see my dad one more time.  I know all great people leave first, but it still hurts, of course.

It was the morning when the birds were singing outside on my balcony, everything seemed so peaceful, the sun was shining right into my face and I was there lying in my bed, wide awake trying to fill the void. My mom came into my room,  and without even saying anything, I already knew what happened. That was the moment my heart was split in two: one side full of memories and the other side died with him. Remembering him is easy, but missing him is a heartache that never goes away, but that’s okay. There is this quote from one of my favourite books where it says, „That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.“.

Sometimes I would feel bad, because it seems like I’m being selfish enjoying the things in life that are happening right now or will happen in the future, like graduating college, moving in my first own flat etc. Because he can’t enjoy experiencing these moments in your life, you feel like you can’t do it either. But I came to the realization that I have the right to grow, to change, to explore and to experience. The only direction you can go is straight ahead.

I believe in the saying that there’s always something good in the bad. Many people are asking me how I’m doing this, where do I take the strength from, how do I keep going, although he passed away. The answer is simple. The things I love is what keeps me going. Pour your soul into the things you love. Let your heartbreak bleed into your art. Let your pain make you love harder. Let grief teach you what love really means.

Camus once said „Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken“, but I was wondering if there’s no heartbreak, then there’s no hurting, and if there’s no hurting, there’s no learning and if there’s no learning then there’s no fighting. But fighting is a part of life. It’s part of the process. He’s so far away now but still so close, cause I’ll keep him in my heart and there he will remain forever.


Hope I’m not being too sensitive today – anyways here’s a new outfit me and my cousin shooted for you – hope you like it!

Have a great start to your week and stay strong! :)





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Monkey see, Monkey do: Don’t be a copycat


Just wanted to share some thoughts with you today. It’s so sad to see people desperate and insecure about themselves, that they need to copy everything about someone. They try so hard to become that person, instead of working on becoming a better version of themselves. I just don’t get it, you can copy all you want, but you will always be one step behind, so what’s the point behind that?? They say imitation is a form of flattery, but seriously, have you ever heard of the term originality? Maybe you should try it sometime, instead of wasting your energy on watching, HATING (!) but STILL copying everything.

Unfortunately some people lack the ability to be unique and to create with passion. I know they say when people try to do the same, you’re doing something right, but when is it considered crossing the line? I don’t go stalking other people’s life or Instagram hating on them and then still getting my ideas from them. I sit down on my ass and do my own shit, while getting inspired by what’s around me and what I love – there’s a difference between imitating someone and being inspired by someone.

And furthermore, success is not measured by how many Instagram followers you have or how many ideas you can steal from others, but instead, by living and creating from HEART. That’s the real key to happiness and success. It starts from within.

So, don’t try to be like the rest of them darling, just be yourself, think of your own ideas and use your own personal talents to represent who YOU are, because if you continue aiming to be like another person, you will always lose and be nothing than a second-rate, trying hard.

Have a nice day everyone and keep it real! :)

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