Shaping up another beautiful week. Currently at university sitting in my law lecture listening to this guy reading all of his information from his papers. First thought: „Wtf is he doing?“ Second thought: „Wtf am I doing here?“ This makes me stop and ponder how precious time is. So while he is talking or should I say reading (?), I’m using this time doing something more productive like writing this blog post :)


Please don’t waste my time, if you do, don’t expect me to hang out with you! It might seem a little bit discriminating, but I’ve simply come to a point where I don’t want to spend my time on things or people which are not bringing me any further in life.

Time is a totally non-renewable source. Once time passes, it’s gone forever. You can’t get it back. Whether you are rich or poor, old or young, the clock is ticking the same for everyone.I wasted my time with people who didn’t have any real value to me doing pointless things that didn’t have any positive effects on my future. Once you cut to the chase and think of what’s really important, you realize the immense amount of time and energy you’ve lost wasting it on something completely irrelevant. However, I don’t regret it. I’m still young, still learning, still in the process. And sometimes the wrong direction leads to the right place.



The past weeks had been spent in mindful debate over going in a new direction. Leaving toxic, useless things and relationships behind and focus on the good. Focus on what I really want. Focus on what my HEART really wants. When you come to a crux in life, it may be difficult to stay positive and confident, but the decision you will make will be the best one. All that matters is when you go after something, go with ALL of your heart. Either you’re IN our OUT, there’s no such thing as in-between.

No one can predict the future, but you can wield the direction with your choices. Time flies, so be the pilot.





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