Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory or emotion like fragrances. The secrets and seduction mysteries behind scents are invisible yet the most powerful trigger to memories and sensory experiences. It has a power of persuasion, stronger than that of words, looks or emotion will ever be. It cannot be avoided, it flushes into us like breath into our lungs, it captivates us, there is no remedy for it.

Inspired by the art of seduction, BOSS The Scent for Her stands for sublime feminine elegance, warmth and seductiveness. It is the realisation of the BOSS woman – powerful and at the same time uniquely feminine.


Attraction • Seduction • Addiction


Following the story of seduction from attraction to seduction to addiction, it features an irresistible combination of ingredients.

Attraction Fruity and floral honeyed peach and freesia top notes attracting HIM with a sophisticated, yet light and delicate power.

Seduction Warm and sophisticated heart notes of the oriental flower osmanthus start to reveal themselves, as you get closer.

Addiction The fragrance offers an addictive boost by unleashing an irresistibly rich base note of roasted cocoa. Locked in and powerless to resist.

The perfume truly unites all attributes of a BOSS woman. I love that it represents a woman in control – independent yet equally to the BOSS man. A fragrance with a great message behind and the power to turn every woman into the role of a BOSS woman. I mean what else could help any better to turn that boss mode on than a fragrance, right?

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In collaboration with Flaconi

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