For many people fashion is just something you put on every morning when you get out of bed. It’s just clothing you randomly pick out of your closet and that’s it. Some people – or actually 99% of the people I meet – think that I’m a superficial person, because I’m always perfectly dressed up and styled (that’s what they say). But for me, fashion is far beyond clothing. It’s something I can express myself through. Sure I dress myself with clothes, but I also show who I am with it. And it’s not only about the things you wear – it also has to do with the ideas we have, the way we live and so on. And this is what so many people around me don’t understand.


It’s not that I’m so superficial and I have to be fully dressed up wherever I go. It’s just me. How many times do I hear comments from people who come up to me and are like „hey your outfit is a little bit overdressed, isn’t it?“. Well, maybe it is for you, but this is who I am and if I wanna go to Mc Donald’s wearing my leather skirt and heeled boots well, then I’m gonna go and get myself a cheeseburger in my leather skirt and heeled boots, what you gonna do? :)

In my opinion, what you wear shows much about your personality and identity. I am not a typical girly-girl even if I might seem like one at first sight. I’m a very friendly and sensitive person with a slight touch of sarcasm. I am very lively and full of pep, sometimes a bit melancholy. I am pretty straight forward in my attitude and have no problem with standing out and showing who I am.


But what if you don’t have a personality, do you just follow the crowd then? Nowadays, there are so many trends like – a special designer bag, ripped jeans, culottes whatever the hype might be right now. Everyone starts wearing it and that’s just fine for me, but the problem is: what most people (not only girls, but also boys!!) lack is their own sense of style. How often do I go through Instagram profiles from male and female bloggers and sometimes I don’t even know which person’s profile I am watching anymore. Everyone looks the same!!

And this is something I am slowly getting tired of. Fashion is not something you do, it is what you ARE. So in my opinion, it shouldn’t be something that owns you, but rather something you own and express yourself through. Go into trends, but wear it your own personal way and make it something special. Be different in a world full of copies – be YOU!!







Top H&M
Skirt H&M
Cardigan H&M
Shoes Sartori Gold
Glasses Hugo Boss
Men’s collection, stolen from my boyfriend :)


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      Oktober 15, 2016 at 3:20 pm (2 Jahren ago)

      Thanks Marie, glad you like it!

      Have a nice weekend <3


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