I was the happiest gal alive when I came home from Barcelona and two packages from NYX were surprisingly waiting for me. I didn’t even know what was expecting me in there it just screamed „open me“ :p

That’s basically what I did and literally the whole new collection was inside! The collection is available in Austria since 28th August 2017 and I was really feeling honored being able to try the collection before release date. I screamed like stupid as you probably can imagine, because how did I ever deserve getting spoiled like this? I mean look at this guys… and thats just one small part.

My absolute favs are the new Liquid Suede Metallic Matte Lipsticks and the Super Cliquey Matte Lippies. I got‘ em in all shades and I just couldn’t decide which one was my favourite. I’ve linked them up for you HERE and HERE. By the way, I’m wearing the Liquid Suede Metallic Matte Lippie in ‚Mauve Mist‘ (you can get it here) in those pictures. If you ask yourself if there’s such a thing as a lipstick that lasts all day long – the answer is YES.

One thing I also can’t live without anymore is the ‚3 steps to Sculpt Face Palette‘. I’ve tried all shades, but my favourite was definitely ‚Fair‘. Each palette includes three shades for contouring and highlighting. These creamy pressed powders are literally made for each other and blend seamlessly for a natural, sculpted look.

Aaaand last but not least, the ‚Contour Intuitive Palette‘ for eyes and face. I’m using ‚warm zone‘ nearly everyday now (also in the pics). I fell in love with those warm nudes and metallic goldes. Perfect for autumn. Each palette features six velvety eyeshadows, two pearly highlighters and one blush. Mixing and matching any of these highly pigmented and versatile powders I achieved a super-sculpted glowy finish.

My motto for autumn will be: Keep calm and wear NYX Cosmetics ♡


In collaboration with NYX Cosmetics


Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory or emotion like fragrances. The secrets and seduction mysteries behind scents are invisible yet the most powerful trigger to memories and sensory experiences. It has a power of persuasion, stronger than that of words, looks or emotion will ever be. It cannot be avoided, it flushes into us like breath into our lungs, it captivates us, there is no remedy for it.

Inspired by the art of seduction, BOSS The Scent for Her stands for sublime feminine elegance, warmth and seductiveness. It is the realisation of the BOSS woman – powerful and at the same time uniquely feminine.


Attraction • Seduction • Addiction


Following the story of seduction from attraction to seduction to addiction, it features an irresistible combination of ingredients.

Attraction Fruity and floral honeyed peach and freesia top notes attracting HIM with a sophisticated, yet light and delicate power.

Seduction Warm and sophisticated heart notes of the oriental flower osmanthus start to reveal themselves, as you get closer.

Addiction The fragrance offers an addictive boost by unleashing an irresistibly rich base note of roasted cocoa. Locked in and powerless to resist.

The perfume truly unites all attributes of a BOSS woman. I love that it represents a woman in control – independent yet equally to the BOSS man. A fragrance with a great message behind and the power to turn every woman into the role of a BOSS woman. I mean what else could help any better to turn that boss mode on than a fragrance, right?

Step up your fragrance game and get your own BOSS scent here


In collaboration with Flaconi



We always tend to focus on the bad and what we don’t have. In the midst of chaos, we forget about the small things in life that make us happy. Whenever I catch myself being in a bad mood, I remind myself of the things that make me happy. It really helps to keep an eye on the positive and zone out the bad. However, from time to time I forget about my little blessings, that’s why I wrote them down.



Is there any better feeling than the one after a good work out? Nah, definitely not. It doesn’t matter how I feel – after leaving the gym it’s aaaall good. That’s basically the most important reason why I exercise in the first place. For me, it’s not about the looks, it’s all about feeding your soul.


I looove spending time with my loved ones. Maybe in combination with food? Sounds perfect. Friends and food are probably two of my favourite F-words. A dinner-date in the evening, or a lunch-date between my lections or much better – netflix and chill with looooots of sweets and goodies. That’s my plan for tonight. I can’t explain how much good company and food makes me happy.




Nothing better than escaping the ordinary life by diving into a completely different world trying to find out what it got for you. Since I am back in my reading game, I’m thinking about  doing a blog post about my fav books.


I’ve always been a very creative person. As a child I tend to sew clothes for my dolls. Me and my cousin were crazy about Mangas & Animes. – FUN FACT – You always found us drawing or writing texts in our diaries, doesn’t matter where or when (shoutout to you Ari, you know what I’m thinking about). We also made our own cosplays and went to events. My creative vein never really left me. Even though I’m not that much into Mangas & Animes anymore and  doing my own costumes anymore, I’m now trying to let my creativity grow by pouring my heart into this blog thing. I love dressing myself, it kind of expresses who I am and writing was always something I enjoyed. These two things in combination will have me beaming in delight.

The little things? The little moments? – They aren’t little.



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